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My coffee table book National Park Splendor is on sale for $50.
Great gift for those who love our great treasures.


(10% proceeds goes to National Park Conservation Association). E-mail marianne@marianneleone.com to order. 

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Marianne Leone has always been a lover of animals.

As a member of the Philadelphia Zoo’s camera club, she noticed that there was a compelling common denominator amongst her favorite subjects — most of the animals she photographed were “species in danger”.

What makes her saddest about the state of these animals, was the thought that her nieces and nephews and their children may never get to see a polar bear or a orangutan or a tiger or a blue dart frog in captivity let alone the wild.

What would it be like to live in a world without these magnificent creatures?  By purchasing her work on these species in danger,  the net proceeds will be donated back to the Philadelphia Zoo’s conservation efforts for these animals. Learn more about how to purchase her photography under the contact page.

Her latest passion has taken her to Madagascar, the home to the only wild lemurs in the world. She had the great privilege of visiting a place called Lemur Island where she was delighted to have lemurs jumping on her as she photographed them in play. Worth the 21 hr plane ride!

She is a member of National Wildlife Federation, National Parks Conservation Association, Defenders of Wildlife, The Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club and other non profits aiming to raise awareness.

“We have to learn how we humans can co-exist with these species, sharing the land and the resources of this ever-crowded home we call Earth. We are all connected.” – Marianne Leone


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